Hi there! I'm selling my digital art courses, greeting cards, stickers and other cute stationary items on Etsy! Pease use the link below to check it out! If you have any questions about the shop or my eco-friendly policies please scroll down.
"self care is magical" Vinyl water resistant stickers
"self care is magical" Vinyl water resistant stickers
"Party Animals" Birthday cards
"Party Animals" Birthday cards
"Gnome activities" Greeting cards
"Gnome activities" Greeting cards
(Dutch Only) Retail prijzen
Retailers kunnen voor bulk aankopen gebruik maken van mijn wholesale aanbiedingen. Bekijk voor meer informatie mijn wholesale catalogus met alle producten via de onderstaande link.
How long does it take for my package to arrive?
It takes me from 1-7 business days to pack your order and ship out a bundle. It widely depends on where you are in the world but to break down how long it takes for your letter to get to you so please check the list below for a rough estimation. 
1-7 business days - packing and shipping out your order in a bundle with others.
3-5 business days - bundle arrives in the middleman company sorting center
5-30 business days - your order travels to your country, your international distribution center and then makes its way more locally to your town.
Estimated delivery time is between 2-10 days after I’ve shipped your order according to DHL Parcel. Please keep in mind that due to unexpected changes this can take longer so keep an eye on your order using your tracking number. 
Why does is take that much time for my package to arrive?
Unfortunately, due to the aftermath of Covid-19 a lot of mail makes its way overseas by a longer boat ride. In addition, delivery and sorting workers are less, and especially around the festive seasons (when people cannot deliver gifts to their loved ones in person) gifts and other purchases are heavily overflowing in an already short staffed area.
Why do you not ship to my country/outside the EU?
Since this is my first step in opening my small independent business I use DHL Parcel to ship all my packages. They do not offer the option to ship to outside the EU. There are more complicated steps required in shipping to the US and UK so ensure my packages arrive safely that I want to inform myself on at a later time. Hopefully when things go well I will be able to ship to your country in the future!
Why do I not have a tracking number?
If you have not received your tracking number after 7 business days, please contact me through my e-mail or the contact form on my website. We’ll figure this out together! 
My tracking number does not work? 
If your tracking number does not work after 7 business days, please contact me through my e-mail or the contact form on my website. I want to make sure your order arrives safely! 
Can I return/ exchange my order?
I don’t accept returns or exchanges. If you have a problem with your order, feel free to reach out to me!
What are your eco-friendly practices? 
I am always looking for ways to be more eco-friendly. I try my very best to purchase packaging that can be reused or recycled and print items that have a shorter lifespan on recycled paper. Please read more about it on my Eco-friendly info page
My Eco-Friendly Practices 
I am always looking for ways to be more eco-friendly, not only in my personal life but also with my small business. I try my very best to purchase packaging that can be reused or recycled and print items that have a shorter lifespan on recycled paper. 
Eco-concious - What to know about your order
PostcardsAll postcards are printed on Biotop paper made from recycled wood that is bleached without chlorine. I choose this paper with my postcards because they are a "one time use" item. 
Prints - I use 350 g Tintoretto Gesso paper for my prints which gives them an aded texture and weight. Because these are "long use" items I choose to print these on paper with qualities that I can't find in recycled paper. This way I can make sure the inks are as bright as possible and the prints lasts you as long as possible. 
Tissue paperWhen shipping orders have chosen to pack my items in a signature bright yellow tissue paper. Tissue paper is made from recycled paper and is biodegradable
Mailers - all mailers are made of 100% recycled cardboard and are recyclable 
Shipping and production - all my packaging materials and shop items are produced and shipped to me locally. I don't order anything from outside of The Netherlands. This way there is as little Co2 emission being produced by your order as possible. 

How do I recycle my "plastic" packaging? (PLA clear sleeves)
Clear sleeves packaging  - The clear sleeves I use to pack my A5 prints are industry compostable meaning they are made from PLA or Polylactic acid. This material is derived from renewable, organic sources such as corn starch or sugar cane and doesn't stay in the environment after its use if recycled properly. 
To recycle your PLA bag please don’t throw it away with your other waste and bring it to a recycling plant that uses industrial composting to recycle PLA plastics. 
All my A5 clear bags are industry compostable
At the moment I'm getting through my stock of already packaged A4 prints with plastic sleeves to renew them with PLA sleeves as well so for the time being please reuse the plastic sleeve around your A4 print 
(NL/Dutch customers) Je kunt deze PLA sleeves recyclen door ze bij het GFT afval weg te gooien. In Nederland verzorgt de GFT fabriek een ideale temperatuur van 50 graden om dit materiaal te kunnen afbreken​​​​​​​
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