Hi there, I'm Ilse Vlastuin! I'm an illustrator, freelance digital artist and all-round creative person.​​​​​​​
My story
You know that feeling of when you were a kid and everything seemed possible? You could run into the woods and maybe find a fantasy world. Or you could create your own castle out of a cardboard box and a blanket. Everything could be made and it was fantastic. The magical stories you read about in books were real and there was just this endless possibility in making things. 
That is what making art is like for me. 
I've specifically chosen an art education from the age of twelve and it has caused me too put all my passion and enthusiasm into my art. After finishing school I taught myself through books and online classes. This path has taught me to be more disciplined and work independently when it comes to making my creative work while keeping an eye out for what could be better the next time I put pencil to paper (or pen to tablet in my case). 
Right now I'm working parttime in retail. The rest of my time I'm using get my creative work out there. 
I've given presentations as a motivational speaker on subjects such as: "working independently" & "Being your own art teacher". It really gives me a lot of joy to help people find their way in fulfilling their passion. 

The Japanese Alps (from a trip in 2019)

​​​​​​​My inspirations
My ideas come from mythology and cultures around the globe. My favourite being countries like Japan and Norway which I have been lucky enough to visit. I relax while reading fantasy and play D&D or a (board)game. But the best time for me is when I go to the nearby woods and take a long walk in nature. 
That about sums it up but if you have any questions for me I'd be happy to awnser them at my earliest convenience. You can find my email adres on the Contact page.  

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